Our top 10 reasons why this is THE best place to work. Ever

Annual Conventions

Qualifying Agents (and their guests) are treated like royalty in places like the Dominican Republic, Miami, San Diego, and Las Vegas. Free drinks. Free food. Typically a beach or other exotic scenery is involved, as well as total, intense recognition for a job well-done (that means awards and swag).

Leadership Development

Not all companies invest the time and resources to provide an industry-pioneering Leadership Academy that focuses solely on developing its managers and new leaders. But we do. And it's a blast. We have a DJ. Unlimited Red Bull. A film crew. Dancing. The rest is a surprise. Until you qualify to attend. Visit the Liberty National Leadership Academy website for more information.

Residual Income

Make money before you even get out of bed in the morning. The insurance industry is where you can get paid over and over on a given sale, assuming the individual keeps the policy in force. People in real estate or automobile sales get paid one time on one sale. Hmm. Tough decision. Get paid more than once, or only once?

Advancement Opportunities

Our President and CEO started as an Agent, meaning you can go as far as you can dream at Liberty National. If you're interested in getting into management, great. We prefer to promote from within.


Contracting with Liberty National means becoming a family member. You will find a sense of camaraderie, friendly competition, and a deep sense of caring about each other and the communities in which we serve.

Retire after 10 years

Totally serious. Would you rather work hard for 10 years or 40 years? We rest our case. Contact us to learn more about our Independent Contractor position.


Who doesn't like an "atta boy" or "atta girl"? At Liberty National, we do more than that. LNL LOVES recognizing its top producers for their achievements. Swag, awards, certificates, plaques, videos, Social Media shout-outs, cash, bonuses, and more. We truly believe in celebrating the accomplishments of those who make Liberty National successful.

Making a Difference

When a breadwinner dies, so does the loss of his income for the family. However, life insurance can make it possible for the family left behind to remain in the home. Therefore, the products our Agents sell make a difference. Life insurance can make the difference in a family staying in their home, sending a child to college, paying the monthly bills, or covering final expenses. At the end of your work days, you will have made a difference in the lives of others.

Community Service

Our people do amazing things in their communities. Whether it be sponsoring a golf tournament, providing Child Safe Kits, or collecting food for a food drive, our family believes in paying it forward. Our Company also participates in three Closer to the Heart events annually.


You have to spend A LOT of time at work! Why not join the team who will make that time fun? At Liberty National Life Insurance Company, we know how to have a great time, both at work and in our down-time. Our Official Social Media pages are the best places to see, in real time, the fun we have here. Want to join us?

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